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Origin of Universe

Modern theory of origin of universe


Everyone knows the curiosity of Human, we always want to know What, When, Why, & How
Starting from life on earth we humans are keep on thinking, searching, analyzing “Who made the world", " How did the origin of universe take place?" " Will universe end? and so many such unanswerable question. 
To answer all these, question several theories / postulates had been given by different prominence scientist of world, but still we are unable to explain this mystery.The most popular theory of origin of universe is "BIG BANG THEORY OF ORIGIN OF UNIVERSE.

Before moving to my new theory let me give you a brief of Big Bang theory ................

A/c to Big Bang theory Universe is originated from a point/ It has been expanded from a point .This is a imagination thought by one of great scientist of this era Stephen hawking on the basis of fact that Universe is expanding . So it can be said that  it was a point having very very large density and after a large explosion origin of universe starts . Although this is most satisfactory theory proposed yet .It also left several question unanswered like...What before big bang ?, Where did that point lie ?, From where that point came / who created that point ?

Presently these questions are unanswered , To answer these question I am going proposed my New theory of origin of universe "


My theory of  origine of Universe is related to God which leaves no any  question unanswered ...
A/c to my theory God is form of energy ,having infinite sea of energy .
As we know energy can not created nor be destroyed , we can only transferred its one form into other , In the asme way god can not be created nor be destroy . Energy can not be seen thats why god can not be seen . The picture that you see of your god is Imagination made by your ancestors.
God is one but It is supposed to found in different form what ever it would be Ram , Allah, .......
God has different world of living that is far away from understanding of human being .
some times Its is found that some human being after sacrifice , determination ................
established some resonance with god & we regard them as doot of God on earth .

Now come to the point of origin of universe 
A/c t o Einstein theory E=MC2 matter/ mass can be transferred into energy when it has given speed of light . Now it can be said that matter has two form mass and energy , below speed  of light It is found in form of mass and after or on speed of light It is found in form of energy.
Energy can also be transferred into mass when we decrease its speed before light but...........
Presently we people don't have power to do this , but there was one , there is one , and there will be one who has power to do this who has power to convert energy into mass which is no one else the Almighty called the GOD.
God is sea of energy & God transfer his smallest part of energy into different form of mass and now without any doubt I can say that God was one who has created the whole universe .
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